About Us

Purchase and Expansion


During the year 2000, two local businessmen purchased the old building that housed Meuble Économique. They did a 6,000-square-foott expansion and courted several large stores before making their decision.




In April 2001, the store officially opened under the name Gagnon Frères et Dumoulin. With over 12,000 square feet, it was the largest furniture and electronic store in Northern Québec.


Dumoulin Relocation


In September 2006, Mr. Sasseville, the owner of Dumoulin Électronique in Chibougamau, decided to move his branch to a larger location.




With the move of Dumoulin Électronique, we ended up in a store of more than 2,000 square feet of empty space. After some reasoning, we concluded that the best way to use this space was to set up a large electronic department area and create a sleep gallery in the basement of the store with a selection of 10 to 25 mattresses.


Business Name Change


In April 2016, we made the big decision in becoming an independent store with the highest purchasing power by joining Dufresne Retail Solution Group. Well established in Western Canada for several years, we were among the first Québec stores to join them. With more than 150 stores, we have the best prices, exclusives and agreements with the main suppliers of furniture, mattresses, and appliances. We then made a great leap forward and left Gagnon Frères, with whom we have been in business for 15 years and have now become Meubles MaVi.


Origin of Meubles MaVi


Having made the decision to change our identity, we now had to find the most important thing for our business – naming the business. We asked everyone's opinion in order to find the perfect name. The owner, Mr. André Sasseville, had a great idea of joining the names of his children to create a unique store name. Ma for Marie-Eve and Maxime and Vi for Vicky and Virginie. An that's how he came up with Meubles MaVi. In addition to having quite a significant name, our mission is to furnish the lives of our customers. That's how Meubles MaVi was born.