Customer Service


The Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee is valid for a period of 90 days, which begins on the delivery day.


In order to be able to avail yourself of the satisfaction guarantee, you must make the purchase of one of our mattresses covers at the same time as your mattress. Otherwise, there is no possibility of exchange.

The satisfaction guarantee comfort is applicable only on mattresses/box springs of the same dimensions.


Minimum Test Period

There is always a delay to adapt to a new mattress. That's why we ask for a minimum trial period of 60 days before you can take advantage of the comfort guarantee.

Conditions of the Mattress

The mattress should be clean and free of stains. A mattress not meeting these criteria will be refused and the comfort guarantee will thereby become void.


In the case of a new selection, the price of the new mattress selected must be equal or higher. Otherwise, a store credit of the value of the difference will be issued to you.

Only one (1) exchange is permitted.


During an exchange, the return to the store must be done by the delivery of your new mattress. The regular $50 delivery charges apply for this delivery.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at 418-748-2532 or at